Immersive and
interactive experience

My custom Tours take the viewer on a journey through your location

They offer a fun, immersive and interactive experience which engages, educates and entertains. Set yourselves apart and widen your audience by bringing your physical space online and augmenting it with interactive tools and media - bringing your visitors back for more.
Custom virtual tours have many advantages over Google Street View for example custom menu, links, hotspots, image gallery, video gallery all nicely organised and branded with your logo and colours.

Huibert de Jong - photographer/designer

Virtual tours for your business

Virtual tours are a digital invitation of your business online and a new way for customers, clients, and partners to engage and get to know you. In a rapidly transforming digital world the expectation to find, understand, and get to know you as a business quickly is more important than ever and businesses need to adapt to customers’ expectations and wishes.

In fact, according to Google a majority already know what a virtual tour is with over five million virtual tours viewed daily and two-thirds want to see more of them. The statistics are clear, businesses that have incorporated virtual tours in their businesses have increased sales, lowered their costs-effectiveness, and rank better in Google which is an essential marketing goal.

People want to get to know you, especially in visually, immersive ways. Virtual tours are here to stay, it’s time to let people in to engage and get to know you. I help you do it!

Virtual tours for hotels

I developed a custom 360/VR tour of Clarion Hotel The Hub in Oslo. This system shows 360 degrees views of all hotel rooms, the conference and meeting rooms and will offer much more additional information.
Potential customers will experience the hotel in a way that is visually engaging and inspires trust and confidence in what they do. Their accommodations becomes instantly understandable and memorable to them and they are more likely to make a booking for a room or to book their conference or meeting in Clarion Hotel The Hub.

Click here to view the first version of the virtual tour.
The final version will be online on February 1st 2023.

Virtual tours for museums

A virtual tour of a museum allow visitors to take self-guided, room-by-room tours of select exhibits and areas within the museum from their desktop or mobile device. We made a demo and here you see it.

A few of the possibilities:

- Points of interest. Highlight what viewers can explore.
- Content overlays. Viewers can explore points of interest with more detail.
- Easy sharing. Viewers can watch on mobile or desktop.

If you want to know what I can do for your museum, please not hesitate to contact me  for a free no-obligation quote, tailored to your museum.

The way I work

This is how I make a custom tour.

1. Schedule

Together, we schedule the ideal day for your Virtual Tour Shoot. While not always the case, it is usually the best to avoid times of high traffic any time of the day where a lot of sunlight stream in through main windows should typically be avoided.

2. Shoot

Depending on the size of your location, I will be at your location for one to three hours. Before I start shooting, I will complete a walk through the location with you to determine the areas of your facility that you want to highlight.

3. Build

Back in my studio, I will edit and stitch the photos together to create the photo-spheres that will make up the virtual tour. This process usually takes less than one week, but can take up to three weeks once in a while.

4. Publish

As soon as your Virtual tour is edited and stitched together, I will publish it and I will email you the link to your tour so that you can easily embed it on your website and/or social media.

All our tours offer:

  • High resolution 8K photography
  • Modern interfaces optimized for all devices
  • Interactive viewing by touch or mouse
  • Full screen display
  • HTML5 compatibility
  • Integration directly into your website
  • Hotspots - enhance points of interest with interactive overlays including photography, text, video and audio
  • Custom interaction - my tours are fully programmable, so give me your ideas and I will realize them: the sky is the limit!

Are you ready to add a 360° Virtual Tour to your business?

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